Callahan Financial Planning

On this project I worked with Haywire Websites + Design and Jon Campbell of to move a CakePHP site into the WordPress CMS. In addition I did a complete home page redesign based on wire-frames supplied by Haywire Website + Design

Special features include a custom built slider, a multi-step contact form, filterable FAQ’s and numerous custom built page templates for various custom post types.

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About Me

I am a freelance web developer with 10+ years of experience building Wordpress sites.

For me, coding started out as a hobby and eventually grew into a full time obsession. The best part about building a website for a client is handing them the finished product and seeing that they are completely satisfied with it. My main goal is to build affordable webpages the way YOU want. I will work closely with you to find out what you aim to achieve with your website and how you want it to look, feel and operate.

Feel free to email me or call my cell if you have any questions or are looking to hire me.